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Exhibition in the house-museum of Edsel Ford

 Unusual exhibition will find in the house-museum Edsel and Eleanor Ford Gross Pointe Shores.
Until March 9 there are at more than 50 items 40tvortsi worldwide. The motto of the international exhibition "baskets made ​​of natural materials" .Izlozhbata is oranizira by Jane Milosch, curator in the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

 These sculptures baskets are made ​​from materials such as bamboo, pine, willow, algae,
feathers from birds spines of hedgehogs and drugi.Josephine Shea, curator of the museum Ford said that "the exhibition presents interesting artistic works,
designed to make us think and to draw attention to the unlimited source of inspiration - nature. "

 Among the exhibits will find the work of the Bulgarian Ceca Georgieva, who lives in Sofia. It is a textile artist and has 20 years of experience in art. Enjoys working with vegetation, natural fibers and all natural materials that inspired her during her walks. Ceca Georgieva is an internationally recognized artist with awards from Europe and Asia. In foreign fashion sites determined Ceca Georgieva as an important part of the eco fashion in Bulgaria, recognizing its ability to highlight the beauty inherent in the nature with her ​​collection "organic jewelry" that it uses ordinary leaves, twigs and pods. Ceca Georgieva said that "working with pripodni materials not only brings me joy, but also wisdom. Even in the smallest blade of grass has a history, meaning and
purpose. I constantly admire nature. Learn and marvel at its unique combination of shape, color, smell and light. For me it is
a challenge to get into that lab and to add their views. "

 The exhibition is for visitors to the museum, which is open from
Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:00 to 17:00.
 On March 9, Sunday 10: 00 to
11:30 there will be a closing of
the exhibition featuring Jane Milosch and
Josephine Shea.
Admission is $ 30 and includes breakfast.

Daniela Natcheva

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