Eco-Art: Materials Recycled, Repurposed, Re-envisioned
Музика/Изкуство - Изложба
30 април 2010 г. в 10:00
31 май 2010 г. в 17:00
Artifact Design Group, 2 holyhock Rd, Wilton, CT
An exhibit of imaginative artworks made of natural materials and transformed everyday items will coincide with the Wilton Go Green Festival in May.The exhibit will include works of two types. The first group will be works composed of natural materials, including bark, branches, pussy willows and porcupine quills. The second will involve everyday items, such as clothespins, newspapers, encyclopedias and safety pins, which have been transformed into clockwise: Kate Hunt, Karyl Sisson, Ceca Georgieva, Gyongy Laky, Markku Kosonen, Tamiko Kawata

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